Return Policy

All of my malas are one-of-a-kind, handmade with love, light, and intention, using high quality materials. Each piece is unique and holds healing properties intended for a single wearer; thus, when my work leaves my studio and enters your hands, it becomes yours. My artwork may not be returned or exchanged for any reason, including wrong size or buyer’s remorse.  I adhere strictly to my policies, so please familiarize yourself with them before making any purchase. To prevent the desire to return any piece of jewelry, please read it’s description and look through the photos carefully – note the sizing measurements as well as metals if you are known to have allergic reactions. I work hard to create clear and concise listings so that you may have all the information you need to make an informed decision.  Should you have any additional questions not outlined here or in the shop, feel free to email me at My ultimate goal is for you to find something that you love, and for my artwork to bring you joy!

All designs, photos, writing, and other content is © Sun Spirit Life, LLC 2017.


Orders will ship via USPS Priority Mail within 3 business days once your payment is received, and will arrive to you within another 3 business days thereafter. Please understand that I am a one woman show, and while I make every effort to ship your gems and jewelry as soon as possible, sometimes orders may fall a day or two behind due to feeling unwell or other extenuating circumstances. I maintain the right to alter ship times should these events occur, and will try to personally notify you if that is the case. If you are concerned with an item arriving for a particular date, please email me and we can make sure you receive it by that time.

In order to save paper and preserve the environment, I try to keep my packaging very minimal and do not include a printed receipt.

I am not liable for items lost in the mail, although I will gladly do everything in my power to help you find them.

Before your piece(s) ship, I cleanse and recharge the gemstones by bathing them in moonlight, sunlight, and/or near a Himalayan crystal salt lamp so that they arrive to you full of positive vibrations and energy!

*Shipping is only offered within the United States of America at this time*


Remember that handmade jewelry is artwork and should be treated in a delicate manner. Refrain from handling your mala by the tassel when you pick it up or take it off. To ensure longevity of each piece, please avoid wearing them during strenuous activities, or those including water. Each mala is hand-knotted with natural silk; any liquids or chemical products (ie chlorine, perfumes) could cause damage to the fibers.  I recommend removing your jewelry before practicing hot yoga, playing sports, bathing, swimming, showering, hand-washing, applying lotion, etc.  Keep your pieces away from pets and out of the hands of children who may be harmed from ingesting small pieces. A great way to store your mala is in the Tibetan cloth bag, handmade with recycled fabric, provided with your purchase.


I do not guarantee the life of your mala or other gemstone pieces. If you believe that there happens to be a mistake on my end with the durability of the piece, please contact me to explain the damage, attaching applicable photos, so that we may discuss the best option.  

Did your mala break?  This is a sign that you no longer “need” that piece; you are encouraged to invite new intentions into your life! Discover what your new path desires now.

You may also request that the gemstones from your breakthrough mala get transformed into a new piece! Contact me so that we may collaborate to create something special. Cost and timeline of recreation is assessed on a case by case basis.

If you believe that your mala broke too soon or from your accidental mishandling, I am happy to repair your piece for $40, which includes the hand-knotting + return shipping, so that you may continue to enjoy it’s magical properties.  If your stretch bracelet or necklace breaks, repair is only $5 to cover return shipping. Prices may vary if beads are lost and need to be replaced. Please email me at for all repairs.

If you are truly dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact me. My goal is to create happy Sun Spirits, and I am always willing to resolve any issues to the best of my ability.

Note: New pieces may become available in my shop that do not necessarily fit within the parameters listed here. I try my best to update applicable areas of my website as soon and often as possible; if you feel I am missing something, do not hesitate to contact me. I reserve the right to amend any part of this policy without notice, so please check back frequently.