Metaphysical Healing Properties of Gemstones

Below is an abbreviated list of gemstones that I commonly use in my work, as well as a few words associated with their metaphysical healing properties. This is a quick reference guide; more detailed descriptions & additional properties can be found from reliable sources.

Agate : Stability, Grounding, Clarity

Amazonite : Expression, Inspiration, Balance

Amethyst : Protection, Purification, Spirituality

Aventurine / Green : Healing, Abundance, Growth

Aventurine / Peach : Creativity, Good Luck, Manifestation

Citrine : Abundance, Emotional Balance, Joy

Garnet : Passion, Willpower, Commitment

Gold : Amplification, Regeneration, Attraction

Hematite : Grounding, Centering, Detoxifying

Howlite : Calming, Awareness, Spiritual

Jade : Wealth, Prosperity, Longevity 

Jasper : Nurturing, Courage, Healing

Jasper / Fancy : Discipline, Grounding, Perseverance

Jasper / Lotus : Balances Yin/Yang, Peace, Healing

Jasper / Picture : Courage, Creative Visualization, Grounding

Labradorite : Strength, Transformation, Intuition

Larvikite : Grounding, Protective, Patience

Lava : Emotionally Calming, Grounding, Expression

Lepidolite : Peace, Awareness, Tranquility

Moonstone : Intuition, Balance, Goddess Energy

Morganite : Unconditional Love, Joy , Peace

Onyx : Protection, Encouragement, Strength

Pearl: Purity, Integrity, Wisdom

Pyrite : Success, Protection, Deflects Negativity 

Quartz / Clear : Healing, Enhancing, Amplification

Quartz / Rose : Unconditional Love, Compassion, Self Esteem

Rhodonite : Balances Emotions, Altruism, Loving Power

River Stone : Acceptance, Grounding, Energizing

Rosewood : Compassion, Healing, Calming

Rudraksha : Self-Realization, Clarity, Healing

Sandalwood : Promotes Energy, Tranquility, Meditation

Sodalite : Self-Expression, Intuition, Harmony

Sunstone : Joy, Vitality, Empowerment

Tiger Eye : Courage, Willpower, Good Fortune

Tourmaline : Cleansing, Purifying, Transforming

Unakite: Balance, Release, Sp