I am a Sun Spirit with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree who believes in the power of wellness, community, and expression. I create art so that I may spread love and light, inspiring others to be their truest Self. I manifested Sun Spirit Life, LLC purely out of passion to create and connect. Through my personal yoga practice, I have grown to discover that malas offer the opportunity to engage the wearer in everyday, magical experiences. It overjoys me to create art that you may live in, which joins and aids in your every moment. With the healing properties of gemstones and their encouragement for transformation, I hope my art rings radiantly into your spirit, so that you may shine and fill each space you enter with the same light and love your piece is made with.



Each piece of Sun Spirit Life jewelry is mindfully made with love and intention. My work offers a quality and beauty unlike any other as it is created with my high standards and artistic eye. I spend hours on every mala, and treat each work as art. Sun Spirit Life malas are one-of-a-kind, because I believe they should be as unique as the owner. The designs nod to tradition, and are always hand knotted throughout, using 100% silk. I use high quality gemstones that are 100% natural, undyed, and unaltered.